Return of the Eagle

How America Saved Its National Symbol


Book Description

This is the story of how a nation reversed a “silent spring” and saved the bald eagle from extinction. This bird of prey was declared the national symbol in 1782 but, by the 1960s, pollution and development had wiped out all but a few dozen. Grassroots movements started, the American consciousness was raised to all environmental threats, and federal laws were passed to keep the eagle population alive. This stunning book of full-color photographs and touching stories chronicles this inspiring success story with awe-inspiring shots of eagles in flight. There is also a one-of-a-kind directory to more than 150 areas in the nation where eagles are likely to be seen in the wild, soaring once again against the blue skies of freedom. This book is a monument to the efforts that combined animal instinct for survival with the power of the human spirit to change the world.

About Breining, Greg

About the Photographer/Author:
Frank Oberle, the premier photographer for this book, may be the most prolific bald eagle photographer in the country. Audubon, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Nature Conservancy, and National Wildlife are just a few of the publications in which his eagle images have appeared. Shooting photos like Oberle's takes as much patience as it does skill. Oberle's images capture perfectly the grace, artistry, and beauty of bald eagles.
Greg Breining has traveled around the world, from desolate Siberia to tropical Jamaica, in search of stories for books and magazines. He writes on subjects as diverse as bison, fossils, and canoes for Sports Illustrated, Nature Conservancy, Audubon, Sierra, and other magazines. Return of the Eagle is his seventh book.