Decisions, Decisions

How To Get Off The Fence And Choose What's Best--For You!


Book Description

At an impasse over relationships, jobs, or health matters? Choosing just got a whole lot easier.

Decisions, Decisions is for anyone who's been stuck in an unfulfilling relationship they can't decide whether to leave; anyone plodding along in the same job for years without advancing their goals; anyone who feels like a prisoner of poor habits that perpetuate an unhealthy lifestyle—and anyone who just accepts whatever comes their way instead of proactively making smart decisions. This book helps these people learn how to shift the way they decide.

With case studies and checklists throughout, Decisions, Decisions is organized into three parts that lead readers to understand their behavior and learn how to change it. Psychologist Randy W. Green, PhD, begins by illustrating how people become paralyzed by their own “rules,” leading to indecision and poor decisions that can have serious health consequences. He then explores how past traumas and stress reactions inhibit present choices, and the effects our own unique body language has on decision making. And he shows how to make better decisions by shifting our attention away from where we want it least and toward what is possible, leading to good decisions that are truly in our best interests.

About Green, Randy

Dr. Randy W. Green, Director, is a New York State Licensed Psychologist and member of several professional organizations: The American Psychological Association, The National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Applied Behavioral Technologies. During the past three decades, Dr. Green has accrued a wide range of experience as a clinician, consultant, educator, columnist, public speaker, hospital administrator and community leader. He has conducted a private psychology practice for several decades, written and published hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines, offered public lectures through community organizations, conducted informative radio programs; and taught college courses in psychology.

Dr. Joseph Riggio (Foreword) has been a trusted adviser to senior executives in Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals globally since 1990. He specializes in leadership decision-making and learning design. He is a keynote speaker and author of the book “Towards a Theory of Transpersonal Decision-Making in Human Systems,” as well as many articles about the personal/professional development and learning methodologies he has developed, including The Mythogenic Self Process. This is a process of how we discover and express our "identity" in both neuro-biological and experiential form.