Lexicon of Real American Food



Book Description

For foodies, wordsmiths, and anyone who loves to eat, an illustrated guide to authentic American fare, from the beloved Roadfood team


In linguistics, the lexicon of a language is its vocabulary, including its words and expressions. In The Lexicon of Real American Food, renowned foodies Jane and Michael Stern record the lingo of American food as it is spoken—and enjoyed—across the nation. With their signature wit and exuberance, they define how America really eats—to the delight of food lovers and word aficionados everywhere. Fun to read and easy to browse, with spot illustrations and select recipes, this book will also become a valuable reference to document regional specialties and signature American fare.


Since the first edition in their Roadfood series in 1978, the Sterns have reported on more than 100,000 meals at America’s tables and cafe counters alongside people of every stripe; and in doing so they have gained an unequalled sense of real American food. Thus, the food described in these pages is democratic, not elitist—from hoppel-poppel to puffy tacos, The Sterns see the nation’s diet like its language: endlessly, endearingly exuberant. Their Lexicon of Real American Food inspires a new and joyful appreciation of our country’s irrepressible foodways.

About Stern, Jane

Jane and Michael Stern are best known for their Roadfood books, website (roadfood.com), and magazine columns, in which they seek out restaurants serving American regional specialties. They appear weekly on Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s public radio program The Splendid Table and are contributing editors at Saveur magazine. They have won three James Beard Foundation Awards and the James Beard Perrier-Jouet Award for lifetime achievement.