Proven Training Methods To Build A Relationship Of Respect With Your Dog


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About Pattison, Brad

Brad Pattison is an animal trainer and life coach (for humans) who has been professionally remediating dog behavior for more than fifteen years. He uses revolutionary techniques derived from his studies of domesticated dogs, wolves, and coyotes, and his unique methods involve communicating with dogs in a way they understand—through body language. He focuses on the effects that human relationships have on pets and demonstrates how to properly assert your alpha status and train your dog in real-life situations. Best known for his TV series, “At the End of My Leash,” Pattison also founded Vancouver's Yuppy Puppy Dog Day Care Inc., pioneered the first street safety training program for dogs and facilitates courses that certify other dog trainers. His “Six Legs to Fitness” workout program for owners and their dogs has been featured on Discovery Channel's “Daily Planet.” During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Pattison mobilized friends and created the Pattison Canine Rescue Team, which spent several weeks in Louisiana rescuing dogs from the floods. He lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.