Instinctive Fly Fishing

A Guide's Guide To Better Trout Fishing


Book Description

This thoroughly revised and expanded new edition of Taylor Streit’s classic Instinctive Fly Fishing addresses the “real reasons people catch trout,” and offers suggestions and tips to help the aspiring angler take advantage of his or her own fly-fishing instincts. Since Instinctive was first published in 2003, the author has kept track of certain essential elements that were missing from the first edition. Even as he’s been out on a guide trip with a client, he’s kept notes about what “should have been in Instinctive.” This thorough revision benefits from more than seven years of his instinctive rumination.

Rewritten with an eye toward a new audience, Instinctive aims for those who fish in competitive situations and overfished waters, which appeals especially to those in the eastern half of the United States. Additional content includes fishing tailwaters with tiny flies, practical information on insect hatches (tricos, blue winged olives, and green drakes) and illustrations of knots and rigs. Also included are additional chapters on the environment, stream manners, and safety.

About Streit, Taylor

Taylor Streit was wading the fabled waters of the Catskills before he was 10; then tying flies commercially and guiding in his teens. He moved to northern New Mexico in the late 1960s where he opened a fly shop. He's guided fly fishermen for 25 years--primarily in New Mexico but in the Bahamas and Argentina as well. In 2001 he was unanimously inducted into the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a legendary guide. He authored a popular book on fly fishing New Mexico and writes for various magazines and newspapers. His photos have appeared in Fly Rod and Reel and Gray's Sporting Journal. He lives in Taos, New Mexico near his favorite river-- the wild Rio Grande.