Game Cook

Inspired Recipes for Pheasant, Partridge, Duck, Deer, Rabbit, and More


Book Description

How to shop for, prepare, and cook game—including 70+ mouthwatering recipes


On visiting his local butcher, Norman Tebbit—food lover, family cook, onetime politician, and journalist—wondered why people would rather buy tasteless, rubbery chicken when they could eat good-quality game. In this exciting new cookbook, he showcases his favorite game recipes—including pheasant, partridge, duck, grouse, wood pigeon, woodcock, deer, rabbit, and many more.


Whether a relatively simple casserole or a more challenging creation, Tebbit’s more than seventy easy-to-follow recipes guarantee consistent results. And to help the reader along, he also includes instructions on preparation and equipment to use, as well as individual hints and tips on the various game included. Peppered with delightful anecdotes and lovely illustrations, this charming little cookbook is the ideal gift for anyone who loves good food, cares about where their food comes from, and is interested in tasty, wholesome game dishes.

About Tebbit, Norman

Norman Tebitt is a British politician and former member of Parliament who served as a senior cabinet minister in Margaret Thatcher’s government. He was also a journalist for the Financial Times, as well as a pilot in the Royal Air Force.