Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln

And 44 Other Forgotten Figures from History


Book Description

A revealing look at history’s most important also-rans, bit-players, and might-have-beens


Most people know that Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald, but who shot John Wilkes Booth? The answer: Thomas Boston Corbett, who went mad instead of finding fame and fortune. We know about the great men whose actions changed the course of history, but what about the men whose actions affected those men? This is their book. Offbeat and engaging, The Man Who Shot the Man Who Shot Lincoln reveals the stories of forty-five of history’s most significant but little-known game-changers, including:


- Pierre Basile, the crossbowman whose arrow hit Richard I

- John Barry, the confederate who mistakenly shot Stonewall Jackson

- Lee Duncan, the serviceman who rescued a puppy from the trenches of World War I and brought him home to America, where he became famous as Rin Tin Tin

- Hanna Reitsch, Hitler’s personal pilot


If you think you know your history, think again.

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Graeme Donald has written and broadcasted on the origins of words, nursery rhymes, superstitions, and popular misconceptions for many years. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows. He lives in the U.K.