In Praise of Chickens

A Compendium of Wisdom Fair and Fowl


Book Description


What follows is a compact miscellany of chicken wisdom—a lively and amusing collection of quotations from past authorities on all things chicken, interspersed with brief editorial comments and complemented by wonderful illustrations. Whether a single sentence or several paragraphs, selections are all little known and long on charm. In Praise of Chickens can be savored in small pieces or enjoyably devoured all at once. It includes a demonstration of how to hypnotize a chicken; an account of a chicken rodeo; Mark Twain’s sly tips on raising chickens; and a dictionary of the twenty-three-word vocabulary of the domestic chicken.

About Smith, Jane,

Jane S. Smith, PhD, is the award-winning author of several books, including Patenting the Sun: Polio and the Salk Vaccine, which received the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Science and Technology and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize; and, most recently, The Garden of Invention, winner of the Caroline Bancroft Prize in Western History.