Civil War Kids 150

Fifty Fun Things To Do, See, Make, And Find For The 150Th Anniversary


Book Description

The Civil War lasted four years, cost 600,000 lives, and happened under our very feet. Today, 150 years after it began, the Civil War is still a topic of extreme interest for history buffs and school children alike. In fact, few historical events are so consistently taught and dissected in today’s school programs as this great war. The Civil War Kids 150: An Essential To-Do List aims to involve kids in Civil War activities during the sesquicentennial anniversary of this historical event. Aimed at children age eight to twelve, the book will cover fifty interactive activities that kids can do to remember the war and honor those who fought in it. Activities are written for and aimed specifically at kids in this age group with simple language, fun instruction, and interesting sidebars further explaining the events, and will include entries broken out by activity. These include baking a batch of hard tack, matching up Civil War mascots, making signal flags, playing a drum or a fife, making your own map, and more.

About Adelman, Garry

The Civil War Trust is a private, nonprofit organization with more than 36,000 members across America. Its mission is to promote appreciation and stewardship of our nation's historical, cutltural, and environmental heritage through preservation of significant Civil War sites and by supporting preservation and education programs.