What Chefs Feed Their Kids

Recipes and Techniques for Cultivating a Love of Good Food


Book Description

How do the people who know the most about food tackle the special challenges of cooking for children's palates? How do they get their children to join them at the dinner table when most kids would rather play under the tablecloth? Why do some kids love to eat broccoli, sushi, or pesto, while others insist on chicken nuggets every night?

A lifelong foodie and a first-time mother, Fanae Aaron had lots of questions about how to teach her son to enjoy a variety of fresh, whole foods. So she sought out a diverse group of twenty award-winning chefs who are also parents. The book's first-class lineup includes: Eric Bromberg, Marc Murphy, Zack Gross, Ana Sortun, Piero Selvaggio, and Floyd Cardoz. These chefs stimulate their kids' curiosity about new foods by engaging them in the process without coercing them--and here they share their tips and stories, which provide an intimate glimpse into the chefs' family lives. Chefs' strategies include allowing kids to help prepare meals, taking them to farmers' markets, and giving them choices with healthy, family style meals. The book features seventy-five flavorful recipes--such as Kale and Scrambled Eggs, Baby Lamp Chops, and Nori Chips--from a variety of cuisines.

About Aaron, Fanae

Fanae Aaron is an A-list art director who has worked on such films as Ed Wood and Being John Malkovich. She also designs commercials for major products. 


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