Home Sweet Home

Rediscovering the Joys of Domesticity with Classic Household Projects and Recipes


Book Description

In our modern age of rampant consumerism, we are losing touch with the traditional domestic activities that previous generations took for granted. We buy everything we need—and much that we don’t—rather than making new or making do. We no longer know how to sew a button, darn a hole, or iron properly. However, while vacuum cleaners and washing machines might be a godsend, can we favorably compare a mass-produced holiday decoration from a superstore with a gorgeous home-made winter wreath?


Home Sweet Home brings you 100 simple, traditional projects and advice that will reintroduce you to the joy of making things by hand and the pleasure of a home filled with individuality and charm. From making all-natural surface cleaner and removing stains to cooking the perfect Sunday roast, to laying a table and hosting a party, this sweet little book will not only help you create a cozy home but will also save you money. Today, a whole new generation is discovering the value, and pleasure, of making things for themselves, their homes, and their families.