Sportsman's Library

100 Essential, Engaging, Offbeat, and Occasionally Odd Fishing and Hunting Books for the Adventurous Reader


Book Description

A Sportsman's Library: The 100 Books that Every Hunter and Fisherman Should Own will consist of 100 short “reviews” (for lack of a better word), each one from 300 to 1500 words, and illustrated with either the cover of the book or a photo of the book's author. The list will include all the beloved classics, but will add plenty of lesser-known titles as well. It will range in time from Izaak Walton's 17th century to 21st century tiger poachers in eastern Siberia, and geographically from the Catskills to the Keys, from England's chalk streams to Jim Corbett's India. It will take pleasure in those books that explain the intricate beauty of the classic salmon fly as well the astonishing craftsmanship of a Best London double, the science of the hunt as well as the hunt's depiction in art.

About Bodio, Stephen

A longtime resident of Magdalena, New Mexico, Steve Bodio is the author of several books, among them A Rage for Falcons (1984), Querencia (1990), and Aloft: A Meditation on Pigeons and Pigeon-Flying (1990). Formerly the book reviewer for Gray's Sporting Journal, his blog now receives more than 10,000 hits per month.