Top Ten Guide to Fly Fishing



Book Description

The Top Ten Guide to Fly Fishing will be a quick and easy reference to every aspect of fly fishing. Curious how to tie and use the ten best knots and rigging techniques? Or have you ever wondered what might be the top ten fly fishing destinations in the American West? Top ten things to look for when selecting a new trout rod? Saltwater rod? What are the top ten trout dry flies, top ten warm water flies . . . ? The Top Ten Guide to Fly-Fishing will be a fun and very browsable conversation starter, a lighthearted look at a serious sport presented in a small trim size. Beginners will be drawn to it for its instructional value even while more-seasoned fly-fishers will pick it up in order to quibble pleasantly with the author’s choices.

About Zimmerman, Jay

Jay Zimmerman has worked as an archaeologist, infantry paratrooper, commercial halibut fisherman, hunting guide (Alaska and Canada), and carpenter. He is currently a fly fishing guide, fly tying instructor, co-manager of the Rocky Mountain Anglers fly shop in Boulder, Colorado, a Loon Outdoors Ambassador, a commercial fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and the writer and producer of the popular fly fishing blog, “Colorado Fly Fishing Reports. “ Jay also maintains his own You Tube channel wherein he publishes short fishing and fly tying videos.