Field and Forest

Classic Hunting Stories


Book Description

For hunters, listening to the accounts of kindred spirits recalling the drama and action that go with good days afield ranks among life's most pleasurable activities. This newly updated volume - with an introduction by editor Stephen J. Bodio -- contains some of the best hunting tales ever written, stories that sweep from charging elephants in the African bush to mountain goats in the mountain crags of the Rockies, from the gallant bird dogs of the Southern pinelands to the great Western hunts of Theodore Roosevelt.
Stories include:
  • The Wilderness Hunter by Theodore Roosevelt
  • Tige’s Lion by Zane Grey
  • Lobo: The King of Currumpaw by Ernest Seton-Thompson
  • My Antelope by Grace Gallatin Seton-Thompson
  • The Alaskan Grizzly by Harold McCracken
  • Wolf-Hunting in Russia by Henry T. Allen
  • Hunting on the Turin Plain by Roy Chapman Andrews

About Bodio, Stephen J.

Stephen Bodio is a  Massachusetts native who has lived in tiny Magdalena, New Mexico, for three decades. He is the author of a half dozen books about the natural world, including A Rage for Falcons (1992) and Eagle Dreams: Searching for Legends in Wild Mongolia (2003). Bodio is also an avid falconer. On the Edge of the Wild: Passions and Pleasures of a Naturalist (1997) is a more eclectic collection of essays on hunting and fishing and adventurous travel.