First Aid for Horse and Rider

Emergency Care For The Stable And Trail


Book Description

This is the long-awaited how-to handbook for treating riding injuries in the field for both rider and horse, with step-by-step numbered instructions for the most common injuries and what to do until help arrives. Injuries range from insect and animal bites, allergies, and broken bones to head injuries, hypothermia, and hoof wounds. This is an authoritative pocket reference that combines advice from a reputable veterinarian and a medical doctor, a perfect package for first aid kits.

About Loving, Nancy S.

Nancy S. Loving, DVM, owns Loving Equine Clinic in Boulder, Colorado. She is the author of numerous books, and articles including All Horse Systems Go: The Horse Owner's Full-Color Veterinary Care and Conditioning Resource for Modern Performance, Sport and Pleasure Horses.

Gilbert M. Preston, MD, is the author of the Falcon book Wilderness First Aid. He works in Butte, Montana.