Northern Pike

A Complete Guide To Pike And Pike Fishing


Book Description

Northern Pike is the first complete book to cover all aspects of this exciting sport fish--
and all methods of fishing for it. Ryan begins by examining the habits, habitat, and life cycles of pike as they vary from winter through early spring, summer, and fall. He also thoroughly explores every successful pike-fishing technique, including fishing with bait, lures, and flies--and there is a special chapter on ice fishing. Northern Pike not only gives detailed information on how to catch this fish at every time of year, but also gives practical advice and tips on all aspects of equipment. Ryan traces the history of pike fishing--showing how the fishing methods that were popular in the past have evolved into the techniques used today. This book is filled with entertaining anecdotes about the author’s lifetime of fishing, over eighty illustrations, and a color insert. It is the perfect companion for all anglers of this highly sought-after North American sport fish.

About Ryan, Will

Will Ryan is the author of Smallmouth Strategies for the Fly Rod and a frequent contributor to numerous outdoor magazines, including Outdoor Life, Fly Rod & Reel, and Fly Fisherman. He has taught writing at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, since 1980.