Why I Hate the Yankees



Book Description

Why I Hate the Yankees offers a humorous take on the most beloved--and at the same time, most reviled--franchise in American professional sports. The book attempts to answer the question: Do we hate the Yankees merely because they always win, or is there more to it than just that?

The authors deconstruct the origins of the so-called Yankee mystique, offer countless examples of Yankee arrogance, and critique the Yankees' easy-way-out business model whereby they merely outspend other teams for talent. The authors leave no one exempt from blame, parodying the Yankees' fans, players, and overbearing owner, and questioning the motives of the national media and Major League Baseball.

The tongue-in-cheek narrative is interspersed with revealing quotes from Yankee players, fans, media members, and other writers.

A must-read for any hater--or lover--of the Yankees.

About O'Connell, Kevin

Kevin O'Connell was born into the baseball abyss that was the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest of the 1960s. He supported the San Francisco Giants as a youngster, and then the hapless Seattle Mariners expansion team. His conversion was finalized when Edgar Martinez arrived in Seattle. He and his wife now reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Josh Pahigian swore off baseball for the first time at age twelve when the ball went through Buckner's legs. He rejoined Red Sox Nation the following March when the Red Sox won their first spring training game. Currently, he covers collegiate and high school sports for the Portland Press Herald in Portland, Maine, where he lives with his wife, Heather.

O'Connell and Pahigian are the authors of The Ultimate Baseball Road-Trip.