Unlikely Cat Lady

Feral Adventures In The Backyard Jungle


Book Description

A Brooklyn woman who “has it all” gets a lot more than she bargained for when a family of wild cats moves into her backyard. This hilarious and heartwarming memoir follows author Nina Malkin's obsessive attempts to serve, protect, and befriend the feral colony as she reluctantly comes to terms with being a “crazy cat lady.” Packed with insights and information on feline behavior and the nuts and bolts of cat caretaking, this book brings the feral cat epidemic home in all-too human terms.

About Malkin, Nina

Nina Malkin has been a magazine writer and editor for twenty years. She has been on staff at Cosmopolitan, Elle, Mademoiselle, and Teen People and has written for Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Time Out New York, All You, and the L.A. Times. She was the West Coast editor for Maxim's launch and was involved with the start-up of the west-coast based alternative music magazine Ray Gun. She has written and done media training for all the major record labels, including Sony and BMG. Nina lives with her incredibly tolerant husband and two indoor cats in, of course, Brooklyn, New York.