Official Vince Lombardi Playbook

* His Classic Plays & Strategies * Personal Photos & Mementos * Recollections From Friends & Former Players


Book Description

Vince Lombardi was notorious for his inability to throw anything away. What that means to fans of one of football's greatest figures finally comes together in The Vince Lombardi Playbook—an unprecedented collection of intimate photos; colorful reflections from players who honed their skills under Lombardi; personal mementos; and an array of his handwritten speeches, personal letters, scouting reports, and photos of players.

Above all, The Vince Lombardi Playbook highlights the plays that made the Packers great: the feared power sweep, the halfback option pass, the textbook traps, the risky third-and-short passes, and many others. Featured in diagrams in Lombardi's original hand, with accompanying terminology and notations, these archival gems form an all-access pass onto the field and into the mind of a legend.

Americans yearn for a more simple era, when athletes made news for their sporting accomplishments, not their arrests or congressional testimony. Most sports fans are equally nostalgic for the on-field simplicity of those days. Paying homage to a legend, The Vince Lombardi Playbook will be treasured by fans as an irresistible piece of history.

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