Unconditional Honor

Wounded Warriors and Their Dogs


Book Description

In this comprehensive and gorgeously illustrated book, Cathy Scott and Clay Myers show how service and therapy dogs are having a profound impact on the lives of military personnel injured in action. Not only do our veterans deal with physical injuries, but they often return with psychological issues that can be treated with help, companionship, and love from working canines. Through moving stories and color photographs, Unconditional Honor highlights the nearly forty-year history of working dogs helping wounded veterans, the mental and physical combat traumas that are mitigated by the dogs, the selection and training of the dogs, including rescued canines, and what the future holds. Featured in the book are inspiring personal accounts of what the dogs mean to veterans, and how their lives have been forever changed and even saved since adopting canines.
     In addition to the remarkable healing journeys of wounded warriors and their canines, this book showcases the various groups, formed originally to train dogs for the blind and the physically disabled that now embrace military services, that provide, at no cost, returning troops with dogs to make them whole again after surviving the reality of war.

About Scott, Cathy

In 2005, bestselling fact crime author Cathy Scott (www.cathyscott.com) and Clay Myers (www.focuspointpictures.com) worked together with a top national welfare organization to rescue animals in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and reunited them with their families. Prompted by their lengthy stays, Cathy wrote the book Pawprints of Katrina and Clay illustrated it with more than 70 photos from the field. Cathy is a prolific writer and author of seven other titles. Her latest true crime book, The Millionaire's Wife, released in March 2012, was a national bestseller. It was awarded No. 3 in True Crime Zine’s Top 10 Best True Crime Books of 2012, which was decided by readers. Clay is a former Marine who has a strong sense of comraderie with active-duty troops and veterans. In addition, Clay and Cathy each spent more than a decade working full-time in animal welfare for Best Friends Animal Society’s magazine and website, Clay as chief photographer and photo manager and Cathy as senior staff writer. Cathy, who has received dozens of journalism awards in California and Nevada, deployed with the military while a reporter at a daily newspaper to Somalia to cover Operation Restore Hope, experiencing firsthand the dedication of American troops. Cathy is based in San Diego and Las Vegas. Clay lives in Villas, New Jersey.