Taxi Dancer



Book Description

As 50th anniversaries of the events of the Vietnam War happen for the next 10 years, this Lyons Press reissue of Taxi Dancer gives Joseph Heywood fans and others the opportunity to read his fictional account of that conflict’s air war through the eyes of Captain Barney South. In this novel, the first of Heywood's career, we meet the first Flying Ace of the Vietnam War, Captain Barney South, who has flown ninety hazardous missions. He has already used up more than his fair share of luck. With ten more missions to go, he doesn't need the brand of flak he's been getting from the brass, who have more use for dead heroes than live troublemakers. And now, they're offering him a long shot—the most important mission of the war, they say—although Barney is convinced he's being set up.
Taxi Dancer is a novel based on an elite corps of jet pilots who flew controversial and highly dangerous bombing raids over North Vietnam. When it was first published, it's front cover carried the following line: “Nam. The Air War. The First Novel to Tell the Story.” Author Joseph Heywood himself is a veteran of the Vietnam air war—1965-1970, USAF Instructor Navigator, KC-135 tanker, honorably discharged as captain. Vietnam veteran. Air Medal with 6 Oak Leaf Clusters.

About Heywood, Joseph

Joseph Heywood is the author of The Snowfly, Covered Waters, The Berkut, Taxi Dancer, The Domino Conspiracy, the nine Grady Service Mysteries, Hard Ground: Woods Cop Stories, and the Lute Bapcat Mysteries Red Jacket and Mountains of the Misbegotten. Featuring Grady Service, a contemporary detective in the Upper Peninsula for Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources, and Lute Bapcat, a Rough Rider turned Michigan game warden in the 1910s, Heywood’s mystery series have earned the author cult status among lovers of the outdoors, law enforcement officials, and mystery devotees. Heywood lives in Portage, Michigan. Visit the author at