The Wilderness Cooking Handbook



Book Description

This cooking handbook shows you the basic cooking skills that can convert any fireplace, woodstove, or patio into an alternate-energy cooking site. J. Wayne Fears records the old ways of cooking that are slowly disappearing, and passes along recipes that are created by those with less complicated lifestyles. This useful, informative guide demonstrates how to build an open fire and use it for cooking, and gives you tips on mastering the backpack and sheepherder's stoves. Smoking, drying, and charcoal cooking can be enjoyed at home, at the cabin, or in the wilderness. In here, you'll find recipes for everything from simple bannock - the bread of the wilderness - to hearty Camphouse Roast Beef.

About Fears, J. Wayne

J. Wayne Fears is one of America's most prolific outdoor writers. He has published more than 6000 magazine articles as well as 32 books. He was elected into the Explorers Club and enshrined among the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. Fears called upon his four decades of experience as an explorer, backcountry outfitter, and wildlife professional to write the Wilderness Cooking Handbook. He now lives in Alabama.