The Right Places

(For The Right People)


Book Description

Where are the Right Places, those exclusive locations where the privileged live and play? You may be in for a surprise. For as Stephen Birmingham shows, in the same witty, penetrating style that characterized his other studies of the elite, the Right Places could be just about anywhere, from exclusive chalets in Sun Valley, Idaho to the traditionally swank estates of Fairfield County, Connecticut, to the nascent avant-garde art scene in Kansas City, Missouri.

Birmingham goes to great lengths to unveil the secret enclaves of the rich for his readers, from the secret hideaway of Maria Callas after Aristotle Onassis deserted for the lovely widowed Jacqueline Kennedy, to Elizabeth Taylor’s habits at home, including her favorite recipe for chili. The late Stephen Birmingham renders the walls between the reader and the rich transparent, giving us a glimpse into their lives and abodes beyond what is seen in paparazzi photos.

About Birmingham, Stephen

Stephen Birmingham is a preeminent social historian, known for his books The Right People, Real Lace, and The Grandees. He allows his reader unparalleled access to the most exclusive society sets, and tells their stories with great warmth and wit.