Dogs Unleashed

Adventures with Our Best Friends


Book Description

Dogs Unleashed portrays the spirit, sense of wonder, and adventure that tethers humans to their most trusted animal companions. With captivating images from the Orvis Company’s collection, this book conveys that there is no journey that can be taken alone that is as satisfying as the same path in the company of a dog.

Many dog owners spend much of their time learning how they might teach their dogs. But imagine the possibilities if they were to think at least as often of the ways they can learn from them. Dogs can, if we let them, connect us back to the natural world around us, and to our own intuitive nature to observe and explore and wonder.

Dogs Unleashed is an inspiration to all those who value time spent outdoors with their favorite canine companions.

About Orvis

Orvis is an international, multi-channel retailer that is the world leader in fly fishing. Since 2009, Orvis and its customers have raised more than a million dollars to help fund canine cancer research, partnering with the Morris Animal Foundation to award grants to America's top veterinary research centers.