The U.S. Army Zombie Combat Files

From the Lost Archives of the Undead


Book Description

The shocking undead discovery of a military historian

  • Zombies remain popular – from The Walking Dead to Ash vs. Evil Dead, they just won’t go away
  • A gifty, zombie collector’s item
  • Authentic military design with 150 illustrations

Unearthed from a dusty Army archive, here are portions of two draft manuals instructing soldiers on how to confront . . . ZOMBIES! Now declassified, these files offer a guided tour of the U.S. Army’s adaptable approach to the zombie menace: first through battle strategies and field tactics, and later through instruction on capturing and retraining zombies to use as military assets. Showcasing the seemingly outrageous illustrations from the original volumes, a military historian has selected points of interest, such as the use of zombie combatants during the Cold War, or changes in zombie behavior.

About Reger, Adam

This book was written by order of the Secretary of the Army.