War Stories

37 Epic Tales of Courage, Duty, and Valor


Book Description

A collection of great war stories!

Here is a jumbo book of tales of courage and valor: 37 stories in all.

* Our Classics and Greatest Stories series have a proven track record
* Readers love tales of honor, courage, and valor
* We have successfully re-launched the Greatest Stories series with
Special Ops and Snipers
* Unlike other books that focus on one war or conflict, this includes tales from more than 250 years of warfare in North America

War Stories, editor Lamar Underwood has pulled together some of the finest writings about war-fighting that capture readers imaginations. It includes legendary tales from the French and Indian Wars, the Civil War, the Great War, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq – more than 250 years of warfare from colonial times up through the present day. This unforgettable collection includes stories by:

*Baron Manfred Von Richthofen *Christina Olds *Randy Zahn *Eddie Rickenbacker *William “Buffalo Bill” Cody *Stephen Crane *Michael Lee Lanning *Blake Stillwell *General Custer, and many others.

About Underwood, Lamar

Lamar Underwood is the former editor in chief of Sports Afield and Outdoor Life, and also the editorial director of the Outdoor Magazine Group of Harris Publications in New York City. He has authored or edited dozens of books, including The Bass Almanac, On Dangerous Ground, and Whitetail Tactics of the Pros. He lives in Pennington, NJ.