Ask the Old Football Coach

Brilliantly Brainless Advice from the Ghosts of Gridiron Past


Book Description

Throwing the flag on long-lost football “wisdom” from legends like Rockne, Heisman, and Camp

  • Quick-hitting spreads and single-page entries offer points of entry everywhere in the book
  • Humorous alternative to the advanced statistics and fantasy football analytics
  • With nearly 200 vintage and whacky football photographs

Your old Uncle Frank likes to say that football ain’t what it used to be; how today’s players, coaches, and analysts know NOTHING compared to legends of the past. Oh, yeah? Well, here’s a book of ancient nuggets of football wisdom hilariously taken apart to show that all the golden advice and knowledge from years past is, well, from a lot of years past. And it hasn’t aged too well. Ask the Old Football Coach takes the old football coach at his word . . . and then offers a few words in response! Illustrated with vintage football photography.

About Farrar, Jesse

Jesse Farrar has written for Vice Sports, Sports Illustrated, Vice, Deadspin, Munchies, The Daily Dot, The Billfold, and more. His videos, among them “This Week in Jokes” and “The Scumbag Tech Video Podcast,” have earned nearly one million views on Youtube. Jesse lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife and two daughters.