Breaking History: Vanished!

America's Most Mysterious Kidnappings, Castaways, and the Forever Lost


Book Description

A front row seat to the breaking news, photos and hype surrounding history's most mysterious disappearances.

The Breaking History series from History® offers a front row seat to history as it broke (like “breaking news”) and give the blow-by-blow of historical discovery—what we learned, when we learned it, who made the discovery, and how.
Vanished! is an illustrated tour of history’s most confounding cases of disappearance from Amelia Earhart to Jimmy Hoffa; DB Cooper; Alcatraz escapists Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Algin; Jim Thompson; Judge Joseph Force Crater; and more. Starting with the first 30 days surrounding each incident, and then looking at efforts up to this very day to solve each case, this book covers in photos and text history’s most perplexing vanishings.

About Pruitt, Sarah

Sarah Pruitt has written for A&E Networks and History® for more than ten years. Her work has appeared in “History in the Headlines,” “Ask History,” “History Lists,” and “This Day in History.” She has a degree in History and American Studies from Princeton University, and a Masters in Spanish from Middlebury College. She lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.