Lost Voices

The Untold Stories of America's World War I Veterans and their Families


Book Description

2017 is the 100th anniversary of America’s declaration of war against Germany. Many historians take a diminutive stance regarding America’s involvement but it cannot be underestimated by any means. It was the reason that brought Germany to it is knees and forced them to accept an armistice that was a victory of sorts achieved over the German forces and their allies. There is global renewed interest in World War One. All the protagonists are long dead but many of their relatives are still with us. This volume will draw you into the whole experience from the home front to the hell of the trenches. These are the voices of those who were never heard but their suffering and their involvement was total and uncompromising, and now finally they can breathe again. They are not forgotten.

About King, Martin

Martin King and Mike Collins are Emmy Award winning Military Historians. Martin is British and has lived in Belgium since 1981. He speaks German, Dutch, Italian, and French. In frequent demand as public speakers, they have lectured at many universities and schools along with British and US military bases throughout the world.