Death on Mount Washington

Stories of Accidents and Foolhardiness on the Northeast's Highest Peak


Book Description

On Mount Washington, it’s lack of preparation, not the mountain, that kills. The weather is highly changeable with wind gusts of 140 mph and -35 degree temps. Then there are the avalanches and icefalls. Combine this with inexperienced hikers in t-shirts and flip flops and things can get ugly fast.
Death on Mount Washington describes the circumstances behind the tragic tales of those who have lost their lives on the mountain. No one--not even the most experienced mountaineer or pilot--is safe from the mountain's mercurial weather conditions. Learn from the mistakes of others in the comfort and safety of your armchair and remember to respect Mount Washington on your next ski trip.

About Minetor, Randi

Randi Minetor has written more than thirty books for GPP and Lyons, including Historic Glacier National Park, Death in Glacier National Park, and Death in Zion National Park. She lives in Rochester, New York.