Great American Explorer Stories

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Book Description

American explorers have played a significant and exciting role in some of the greatest discoveries on Earth. From the exploration of the North American “wild west,” to the discovery of the North Pole, explorers from America are some of our most fascinating and heroic figures in human history. Great American Explorer Stories captures the exploits of great Americans such as Theodore Roosevelt, who made his way through the Brazilian wilderness, Harriet Chalmers Adams, who explored the Andean Highlands, and Captain Joshua Slocum, who sailed alone around the world. Also featured are page-turning accounts from from Hiram Bingham, Lewis and Clark, Nellie Bly, William Beebe, Annie and S. Peck, many others.

About Gardner, Cheney

Cheney Gardner is a freelance writer whose work has been published in Outside magazine, Mountain Life Magazine, PBS Media Shift, and others. She has chased the world’s biggest bee across Patagonia, paddled the remote String Lakes of Glacier National Park, and MacGyvered her way out of double flat tires in the Yukon. She lives in Denver, Colorado.