The 50 Greatest Players in New York Giants History



Book Description

The New York Giants joined the National Football League back in 1925, and have since been one of the league’s flagship franchises. The Giants have appeared in nineteen NFL championship games—more than any other team—and have won eight league championships. Iconic figures such as Eli Manning, Phil Simms, Harry Carson, Michael Strahan, and Frank Gifford have all played for the Giants. Twenty-five players who spent at least one full season with the Giants have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, and fifteen of those men spent the majority of their careers playing for the team.

This book carefully measures the careers of those players who made the greatest impact on the team. The ranking was determined by such factors as the extent to which each player added to the Giants’ legacy, the degree to which he impacted the fortunes of his team, and the level of dominance he attained while wearing the Big Blue uniform. Features of
The 50 Greatest Players in New York Giants Football History include:

  • Each player’s notable achievements
  • Recaps of the player’s most memorable performances
  • Summaries of each player’s best season
  • Quotes from former teammates and opposing players

Football fans will find
The 50 Greatest Players in New York Giants Football History a fascinating collection of bios, stats, recaps, quotes, and more. And with such iconic figures as Lawrence Taylor, Emlen Tunnell, Roosevelt Brown, and Mel Hein leading the list, this book is sure to inspire debate and controversy among true Giants supporters.

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