Making Hay



Book Description

"Making Hay takes one of the least common denominators in rural American life and gives it real glory. Klinkenborg is funny, learned, elegant, and accurate every single minute."--Thomas McGuane

“Klinkenborg is our modern Thoreau.”—
Tom Brokaw

"A marvelous picture of rural life and of families at work. This is a fascinating excursion into American farmland."--
Publishers Weekly

From the wonders of alfalfa, the "miracle plant," to barbed wire and the myriad difficulties of operating tractors and side rakes, renowned author Verlyn Klinkenborg paints a stunning and memorable portrait of life on American family farms.

Making Hay gives an unforgettable glimpse of everyday life on the farms of Iowa, Minnesota, and Montana. In beautiful, deceptively simple prose touched with humor and affection, Klinkenborg evokes a way of life at risk, and weaves a marvelous story of the richness of rural living.

About Klinkenborg, Verlyn

VERLYN KLINKENBORG is the author of The Last Fine Time, The Rural Life, The Drake Manuscript, and British Literary Manuscripts Series I and II. He has taught at both Bennington College and Harvard University, and has written extensively for The New York Times, Smithsonian, Mother Jones, and numerous other publications. He lives in New York.

GORDON ALLEN has illustrated numerous books, including Vermont River (page 163), Steelhead Country (page 161), and The Field & Stream Treasury of Trout Fishing (page 152).