The Coast of Summer

Sailing New England Waters from Shelter Island to Cape Cod


Book Description

The seductive storytelling of Anthony Bailey is as gratifying as a full-sail breeze in this enchanting tale of a season afloat along the New England coast. Poking into deep harbors and shallow ponds, anchoring off fashionable resorts and remote coves, Bailey and his wife Margot leisurely sail between Long Island and the tip of Cape Cod in their small sloop, Lochinvar. Interspersing his narrative with local history, geography, and biography, Bailey evokes curious legends and brings to life those rare, intriguing characters who are drawn to coastal life. And when, on occasion, this drowsy, idyllic cruise becomes a sudden, sober, battle with the perils of the sea, Bailey offers modestly but enticingly the fruits of much hard-won and not always heroic yachting experience.

About Bailey, Anthony