Target: America

Hitler's Plan To Attack The United States


Book Description

Did Hitler mean to pursue a conquest greater than Europe? In this startling reassessment of Hitler’s strategic aims, military historian James P. Duffy argues that Hitler intended to attack America once he had achieved his ambitions in the Eurasian heartland. Detailed here for the first time are the Third Reich’s plans for worldwide deployment of secret weapons emerging from wartime research. Duffy also recounts other Axis schemes to attack American cities through the use of multistage missiles, submarine-launched rockets, and suicide missions against ships in the New York harbor. Taken together, these plans—detailed and documented here for the first time—reveal just how determined Germany and the Axis powers were to attack the United States.

About Duffy, James

James P. Duffy is the author more than fifteen books, most on military history, including Hitler’s Secret Pirate Fleet: The Deadliest Ships of World War II and Target Hitler: The Plots to Kill Adolf Hitler