Bad Guys in American History



Book Description

Bad Guys in American History recounts the events related to our country's most compelling outlaws, from colonial times to the 1930s. Complete with photographs of the outlaws and their haunts, this book investigates some of American history's most infamous acts and informs readers where they happened and how to visit those sites today. Both a history book and a travel guide, Bad Guys in American History shines a revealing light on the dark side of America's past.

About Cantor, George

George Cantor has been an author and working journalist since 1963. His award-winning column has been a fixture in the Detroit News for twenty years, and he has written extensively on American history, travel, sports, and pop culture. Cantor was a consultant and travel writer for the History Channel and served as a prime contributor to the cable network's website. He lived in West Bloomfield, Michigan, with his wife Sherry, and daughter, Jaime.