The Greatest POW Escape Stories Ever Told



Book Description

A gripping collection that showcases twelve of the most famous prisoner of war escapes in the history of modern warfare. Although these stories feature escapees of different nationalities, ideologies and allegiances, the reader will be captured by the common traits shared by all of these brave soldiers: loyalty to country and cause, tenacity, resourcefulness, and an abundant amount of courage.

About Lloyd, Keith Warren

Keith Warren Lloyd is an author and historian, a professional firefighter, and a U.S. Navy veteran. His most recent book, for The Lyons Press, The Great Desert Escape tells the true story of 25 German sailors who tunneled their way out of the Papago Park Prisoner of War Camp in Phoenix, Arizona in 1944. His first novel, Cape Hatteras, about a shipwrecked German U-boat officer landing on America's East Coast, was published in 2008. His biography of Medal of Honor recipient Frank Luke Jr., Above and Beyond was published in 2015. He has published two other historical novels. He lives in Arizona.