Why She Collided, Why She Sank, Why She Should Never Have Sailed


Book Description

Senan Molony caused a worldwide media flurry in 2017 by revealing publicly that there was an uncontrolled coal bunker fire aboard Titanic. Experts held the fire would have significantly weakened a forward bulkhead, the failure of which hastened the sinking. Indeed, a shipyard worker aboard the Titanic from Southampton to Cherbourg is said to have warned passengers about the ship’s defects. Titanic might otherwise have lasted into daylight, with hordes being saved by a flotilla of arriving ships. In Titanic: Why She Collided, Why She Sank, Why She Should Have Never Sailed Molony makes a series of further startling revelations. He provides lost evidence for the true circumstances that led to the Titanic’s collision and ultimate loss. Molony appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC, along with NPR (National Public Radio) in the US after his Channel 4 documentary Titanic: The New Evidence, which provides the platform for this book — and the springboard for many added insights.

About Molony, Senan

Senan Molony is an author and political editor of the Irish Daily Mail. He has also been deputy political editor for the Irish Independent. His first book, Celtic Mists is a parody of Irish history. The Phoenix Park Murders: Conspiracy, Betrayal and Retribution investigates the assassinations of Cavendish and Burke in the park in 1882. Molony is also the author of The Irish Aboard Titanic, A Ship Accused, The Titanic and the Mystery Ship, Titanic: Victims and Villains, Lusitania: An Irish Tragedy and Titanic Scandal: The Trial of the Mount Temple. Senan has appeared on TV & radio stations worldwide, he has also been interviewed by publications such as New York Times and The Daily Telegraph.