Ghost Stories

36 Spine-Chilling Tales of Terror and the Supernatural


Book Description

Ghost Stories is a ghoulish collection of true classics, long-forgotten and legendary, with frightening stories from Washington Irving, Edgar Allan Poe, Bret Harte, Ambrose Bierce, Edith Wharton, Mark Twain, Guy de Maupassant, O. Henry, Willa Cather, and many others. Ghost Stories offers tales rooted in their time, place, and topic. This ghostly collection delivers the ghastly, horrifying, and otherwise haunting tales of terror we love to read – late at night, with the lights off.

Included are:

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe * The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving * An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce * The Snow-Image: A Childish Miracle by Nathaniel Hawthorne * A Ghost of the Sierras by Bret Harte * The Screaming Skull by F. Marion Crawford * The Lady’s Maid’s Bell by Edith Wharton * A Ghost Story by Mark Twain * The Night Call by Henry van Dyke * The Furnished Room by O. Henry * The Crime of Micah Rood by Elia W. Peattie * The Cross-Roads by Amy Lowell * Mistress Marian’s Light by Gertrude Morton * Consequences by Willa Cather * The Body-Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson * Ligeia by Edgar Allan Poe * The Ghost of Fear by H.G. Wells * The Phantom ’Rickshaw by Rudyard Kipling * The Lagoon by Joseph Conrad * On the Water by Guy de Maupassant * and many, many others

About Bowers, Bill

BILL BOWERS is a freelance writer and editor who has loved ghost stories as long as he can remember. He lives with his wife in a small village in rural New England.