The 50 Greatest Players in San Francisco 49ers History



Book Description

The San Francisco 49ers have one of the best records in NFL history, with 20 division championships, seven conference championships, and five Super Bowl championships. On a team with outstanding talent each year, who among its past and present players could be ranked among the 50 greatest? Who would occupy the coveted #1 spot? Jerry Rice? Ronnie Lott? Joe Montana? Chales Haley? Robert Cohen, has his own take on the matter and in a book that is bound to inspire conversation if not controversy, ranks what he believes are the greatest players from 1-50, with a few honorble mentions.

About Cohen, Robert W.

ROBERT W. COHEN has published several books on baseball, football, and basketball, including A Team for the Ages: Baseball’s All-Time All-Star Team, The 50 Greatest Players in Cubs History, and The 50 Most Dynamic Duos in Sports History. He lives in Clifton, New Jersey.