Blood on the Leaves

Real Hunting Accident Investigations—And Lessons in Hunter Safety


Book Description

From world renowned experts in hunting accident investigation comes an invaluable collection of cases—true, detailed, and sometimes chilling accounts of death and injury on the hunt. Covering incidents of all kinds and set in locations across the country, these cases not only read like impressive "crime scene investigations" but they also provide hard-learned lessons in hunter safety. A must-read for hunters and anyone fascinated by forensics.

About None

Hunting and Shooting Related Consultants, LLC is comprised of Rod Slings from Iowa, Keith Byers from Georgia and Michael Van Durme from New York, who each contributed to this book. They continue to be respected internationally when it comes to investigating hunting incidents. Joining forces, they bring over 75 years of law enforcement experience and more than 60 years of investigating hunting related shooting Incidents. They are also the leaders in training wildlife officers around the world in these unique skills.