Fly Fishing the Yellowstone in the Park



Book Description

The Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park is widely know for two things: the spectacular Yellowstone Falls, and a few miles of world-class dry-fly fishing for native cutthroat trout. But for all its reputation for easy pickings for big fish, the river can be devilishly difficult, depending on the season and the fishing conditions. Those big, burly cutthroats have seen it all and, at times, they can seem downright jaded--unless you know how to fish for them. West Yellowstone guide and fly shop owner Bob Jacklin and world-renowned angler Gary LaFontaine both know how.

Calling on thirty-two years of experience, BOB JACKLIN knows the Yellowstone's fish and the fly patterns needed to fool them, its insects, and its moods, and he sets it all down in this concise, readable guide. LAFONTAINE adds what he learned in his twenty-plus years fishing the Yellowstone and shares the fly patterns he finds the most effective. Together they lead you through the river's seasons, its hatches, and its special reaches and runs.

This book is the next best thing to having Bob and Gary at your side when you fish the Yellowstone in the park.

Included are a hatch chart, a list of popular flies, and more than twenty tying recipes for the most effective patterns to catch fish in the Yellowstone River.

About Jacklin, Bob

BOB JACKLIN has guided in the Yellowstone area for decades. He lives and owns a fly shop in West Yellowstone, Montana.

GARY LAFONTAINE (1945-2002) was one of the best-known and most innovative fly fishermen and angling writers in the world. Author of the classic angling books Caddisflies (page TK), Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes (page TK), Fly Fishing the Beaverkill (page TK), and The Dry Fly: New Angles (page TK), LaFontaine was also famous as a public speaker, fly-fishing and fly-tying instructor, and the author of countless articles published in all the major outdoor magazines.