Bridge for Beginners

A Step-By-Step Guide To One Of The Most Challenging Card Games


Book Description

Bridge is the ultimate card game. It is truly a mind sport, as taxing on the brain as a decathlon is to the body. Bridge for Beginners is the ultimate introduction.
Bridge for Beginners starts with the basics, even suggesting that the reader remove the jokers from a full deck of cards. With the basics established, the book progresses, and by the end, the beginning player will be ready to go as far as desired, whether it be to social bridge, club bridge, competitive bridge, or trying out for the national team.
Bridge, and this book, is divided into two parts: the bidding, or auction, and the play of the cards. Each is examined closely, in a step-by-step method that greatly simplifies one of the most complex card games.

Chapters include:
Absolute Beginners -The Game Unveiled - The Scoring - The Shape of the Hand - The Bidding-Positions at the Table - Opening and Responding - Supporting Partner - Competitive Bidding - Conventions - No Trump Contracts - Suit Contracts - Finesses - Etiquette - Scoring-Basic Rules

With valuable advice on evaluating hands, working with your partner, and even spotting cheating, Bridge for Beginners is the only guide a novice will ever need.

About Mendelson, Paul

Paul Mendelson is the bridge professional at the Roehampton Club in London and has lectured on bridge all over the world. He started his tournament successes by winning the UK National Schools' Championships, and has since played in many top events, capturing two national titles. He was the youngest-ever captain of a winning Devonshire Cup team and is now the bridge correspondent of the London Financial Times.