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Deer hunting is as complicated and beautiful a sport as has ever been invented, and all that is reflected in the classic essays collected in THE DEER HUNTER'S BOOK. The writers here know deer and deer hunting, but they also have the knack of sharing what they have seen and learned. From Jack O'Connor's famous "portraits" of deer, to Ted Trueblood's oft-quoted articles for Field & Stream, these are some of the greatest writings ever on deer hunting, stories like: .

"The World of the Whitetail" by Angus Cameron .
"Portrait of the Mule Deer" by Jack O'Connor .
"The Old and the New" by Ted Trueblood .
"Hunting the Mule Deer" by Theodore Roosevelt .
"The Secret Life of the Cottontail Deer" by John Madson .
"The Right Deer Rifle East and West" by John Jobson .
"Woodcraft and Whitetails" by Larry Koller .
"Making the Drive" by Francis Sell .
"Finding Wounded Deer" by Ray Beck .
"Sign the Trophy Buck Leaves" by Larry Benoit with Peter Miller .
"The Whitetail Challenge" by Lew Dietz .
and dozens more

So sidle up to the fire, crack open THE DEER HUNTER'S BOOK, and while away the hours until the next opening day.

About Underwood, Lamar

LAMAR UNDERWOOD is the former Editor-in-Chief of Sports Afield and Outdoor Life and is presently the Editorial Director of the Outdoor Magazine Group of Harris Publications in New York. Among the books he has edited for The Lyons Press are Whitetail Tactics of the Pros, Bowhunting Tactics of the Pros, Into the Backing, The Quotable Soldier, and many more.