Hunter's Guide to Accurate Shooting

How To Hit What You're Aiming At In Any Situation


Book Description

In THE HUNTER'S GUIDE TO ACCURATE SHOOTING, firearms and ballistics expert Wayne van Zwoll tells you how become a better shot, both on the range and in the field. His clear, readable, and entertaining descriptions of rifles, cartridges, sights, and shooting techniques make this book a page-turner for any rifle enthusiast or hunter.

Dr. van Zwoll has made guns and shooting his vocation for thirty-five years, and he brings in the advice of other renowned marksmen, from extraordinary hunters and trick shooters to Olympic competitors.

About Van Zwoll, Wayne

Wayne van Zwoll has written a number of books on guns and hunting, including The Hunter's Guide to Ballistics and The Complete Book of the .22 (page 112). He is a magazine contributor, professional photographer, elk hunting guide, and ballistics expert. He earned his doctorate studying recent changes in hunting and how they affect wildlife policy.