Complete Book of Elk Hunting

Tips And Tactics For All Weather And Habitat Conditions


Book Description

The Complete Book of Elk Hunting offers readers a close and lively look at the ways of elk and how to hunt them from veteran elk hunter and freelance writer Sam Curtis, who draws on
more than thirty years of experience living and hunting in the heart of elk country and on contemporary elk research conducted by wildlife biologists throughout the range of elk distribution.

In The Complete Book of Elk Hunting you will learn that these are prime times for elk hunters. Elk numbers across most of their range are higher than they have been in a century. But high elk numbers don’t necessarily mean high elk hunter success. Elk are wary, highly mobile animals that use their habitats to great advantage to elude hunts.

Through examples and anecdotes, Curtis thoroughly discusses the subtleties of understanding the different types of elk habitats, elk behavior within those habitats, and hunting tactics suitable for all weather and habitat conditions. The book includes an annotated illustration of where to find bull elk in the Rocky Mountain West, from the beginning to the end of the season, and a chart for forecasting elk whereabouts, depending on different weather conditions.

About Curtis, Sam

Sam Curtis has hunted elk and guided elk hunters in the West for more than thirty years. As a contributing editor for Field & Stream, he writes regularly about hunting tactics and about the habitats and habits of big game. Curtis also writes about natural history and the environment for magazines such as Backpacker and Audubon. His books include Whitewater!, Harsh Weather Camping in the 90s, and The Complete Guide to Mule Deer Hunting.