Training Your Foal



Book Description

The way a horse is trained and treated in its first two years--along with its inborn traits--determines how it will behave for the rest of its life. This book is full of useful information about the physical, behavioral, and mental development of the young horse and sets out the correct way of training a horse to be responsive, safe, and enjoyable to ride.

Training Your Foal contains all the essential knowledge, tips, and suggestions to ensure the successful training of your foal, including:

Imprint training
First learning steps
Learning with mother
Weanlings and yearlings
First public appearances
Sexual maturity
Weaning the foal
Problems of adolescence
Obedience and discipline
First gymnastic exercises
First mounting the young horse
And more

This is truly an invaluable reference book for all horse owners, horse breeders, and anyone rearing a foal.

About Ettl, Renate

Renate Ettl is an equine sports therapist and has bred horses for many years. She has written a number of equine books and writes regularly for equestrian magazines.