Quotable Soldier



Book Description

"The book provides familiar and not-so-familiar sayings that capture the chaos, challenges, and sacrifices of war."--Army magazine

The Quotable Soldier is a rich and balanced collection of the best quotations about war and those who go to war. From Thucydides to General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, here are the reasons men go to war, the challenge of human courage, the strategy of great battles and campaigns, the horrors of war, and much more. The Quotable Soldier includes comments about the battles of ancient times, through the Napoleonic and World Wars, and on into the complicated conflicts of Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm. This is one of the most compelling, challenging, and comprehensive collections of quotes about war and soldiering ever assembled.

The perfect gift for any soldier, veteran, or war buff, The Quotable Soldier is a compulsively readable collection of some of the most illuminating observations ever made about war.

About Underwood, Lamar

Lamar Underwood was the editor in chief of Sports Afield and Outdoor Life, and is the author of the novel On Dangerous Ground. He is currently the editorial director of the Outdoor Magazine Group of Harris Publications in New York City. His father was a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army, and he considers himself "the luckiest army brat of them all." He lives in Pennington, New Jersey.