Orvis Guide to Better Fly Casting

A Problem-Solving Approach


Book Description

Fly casting might look easy—you just move the rod back and forth, right? Yes, that's true, but between “back” and “forth,” a lot can go wrong. The perfect marriage of human skill and dexterity to the cork and graphite of today's fly rods takes a good bit of work, and this is the how-to book that gets you around common mistakes and bad moves so that you can develop the muscle memory that makes for easy, accurate, and highly successful fly casting. Author Al Kyte's instruction, with numerous full-color photographs, breaks down the parts of the cast to get you to better understand what is happening and how to put all of the parts of your cast together to make noticeable improvements.

About Kyte, Al

Al Kyte has been teaching fly casting and fly fishing for thirty years through the University of California Extension and the Mel Krieger–directed Fenwick Schools. He is the author of Fly Fishing—Simple to Sophisticated and of numerous magazine articles. He lives in Moraga, California.