Complete Book of the .22

A Guide To The World's Most Popular Guns


Book Description

Here's the perfect companion to that most popular starter rifle, the venerable .22. The best isn't always the biggest--and the .22 is not only the perfect first rifle, but also one that many hunters and shooters come back to and use throughout their days afield.

Wayne van Zwoll, a longtime expert on the subject, takes experts and beginners alike through the history, variety, and use of the classic .22. He writes appealingly about his first .22, and the ones he bought for later competitive use. He describes hunting with the .22, target shooting, and details the care and upkeep of the weapon. He discusses the evolution of the gun, and the refinements of the ammo that go with it.
Included are chapters on:
*The .17 *Practical scopes
*Squirrel rifles *Supports
*Browning *Getting to zero
*Winchester *Holding a rifle still
*Remington*The sling
*Cooper*Prepping for the field
*Ruger*A bullet’s way through the wind
*Real gunstocks *Ballistics
*Better sights *. . . and more
The .22's accuracy, economy, and versatility have made it an all-time best-seller. Now there's a book to go with every one.

About Van Zwoll, Wayne

Wayne van Zwoll has published more than a thousand articles about the outdoors, for magazines such as Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, and Field & Stream. He is the author of The Hunter's Guide to Ballistics and The Hunter's Guide to Accurate Shooting, among others.